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Sand Weight Bag

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The PKS sand weight bag will stop your kite from blowing away on a windy day, reduce wear on your kite sail by stopping fluttering when the kite is parked, and it can also be used for self-launching. Also works great weights for pop up tent legs outside.

The Kite sand weight bag is designed to hold down your kite or use for self launching. Fill 3/4's of the way with sand and close with sewn in velcro.

The sand weight bag's double-fold velcro closure system prevents sand from coming out when you don't want it to. The four separate compartments for sand allow the bag to be laid over the leading edge of the kite and not have all the sand rush to the tips of the bag. The tough and durable material will take a beating and heavy-duty webbing will take the load of the sand and then some. Every kiter could use one or two of these. Best for outdoor marquees and beach shelters that get blown away frequently.

  • Easy to empty and fold to carry for travel
  • Velcro enclosure to keep sand in the bag
  • Durable vinyl material that will last for years
  • Personalization label to write your name and phone number
  • Measures: 24 x 14 inches with 4 compartments for sand
  • 4 compartments for sand
  • Can hold up to 21 lbs
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    SKU AC0012-SB
    Manufacturer ProKiteSurf
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