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North Trust Bar Insert


Compatible on North Trust Bar control systems from 2014 and all newer versions, for all different bar designs (5th, Quad, all lengths of rails) and also Duotone 2019. North Trust Bar Insert is a suitable replacement for a broken/damaged centre hole bar insert.

The North Trust Bar Insert is a replacement part for North Trust Control Bar from 2014 up to the newer version models (5th, Quad, all lengths of rails), it also compatible for Duotone 2019 Control Bar. Made from high-quality materials, it slows the Depower/Trim line from wearing out by reducing friction against the Control Bar.

What's Included:

  • New North Trust Bar Insert
  • New Grub Screws

Reduce your Depower/Trim Line from wearing out as quick, buy a new North Trust Bar Insert today.

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Manufacturer North
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