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F-One Unibox Fins 50mm

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F-One Freeride and Freestyle Unibox Twin Tip Fins are compatible with F-One Trax HRD Carbon Series, Lite Tech/Girl 2019, Trax ESL/Girl 2019, WTF!? Lite Tech/Girl, Next Generation 2018+, SPICY 2019, and NEXT/Lightwind 2018+. Made from extremely hard wearing materials, good resistance to impact.

The F-One Unibox Twin Tip Fins are made from high density plastic, extremely hard wearing and good resistance to impacts. The 50 mm Twin tip fins allow you to feel the board 'grippy' and also good for carving turns as they stop the board from sliding out.

Compatible Twintip Boards:

  • F-One Trax HRD Carbon Series 2019
  • F-One Trax HRD Lite Tech 2018
  • F-One Trax HRD Lite Tech Girl 2019
  • F-One Trax ESL 2019
  • F-One Trax ESL Girl 2019
  • F-One WTF!? Lite Tech 2018+
  • F-One WTF!? Lite Tech Girl 2018+
  • F-One WTF!? Lite Tech - Next Generation 2019
  • F-One SPICY 2019
  • F-One NEXT 2018+
  • F-One Next Lightwind 2018+

With a uniquely designed system where the fins have a head that fits into a hole in the board and plate bolts on top to retain it, offers you a super fine profile for the blade of the fin as there are no bolts inside.

Package Includes:

  • 4x Twin Tip Fins (2x Red / 2x Green)
  • 8x Stainless Steel Bolts
  • 4x Leash Bar
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SKU SP0129-F1U5
Manufacturer F-One
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