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F-One Bridle Pulley + Pigtail

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F-One bridle pulley with front line pigtail connector is compatible on all F-One Bandit 3 2010 to Bandit XII/12 2019 kites.

F-One bridle pulley with main connector line is compatible on all F-One Bandit Kites. Manufactured from high-quality materials, with a combination of an extremely resistant, anti-corrosion pulley and braided spectra main line connector.

The pulley and connector can be removed independently, so you can either change or keep it a spare on your kit without needing to replace both when maintaining your kite.

Compatible Kite Models:

  • F-One Bandit 3 2010
  • F-One Bandit 4 2011
  • F-One Bandit 5 2012
  • F-One Bandit 6 2013
  • F-One Bandit 7 2014
  • F-One Bandit 8 2015
  • F-One Bandit 9 2016
  • F-One Bandit X/10 2017
  • F-One Bandit XI/11 2018
  • F-One Bandit XII/12 2019

Package Includes:

  • 1 x F-One Bridle Pulley 
  • 1 x Main Connector Line 
More Information
Manufacturer F-One
Colour Grey, Silver
Pigtails Colour Grey, Silver
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