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Self-Launch Tools

Tools & Devices to assist you in Self-Launching your kite in a range of environments and conditions.

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    The ProKiteSurf Self-Launch Tool is perfect for those days where your local kite spot is empty and nobody there to help launch or land your kite. Learn More
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    This kite self-launch beach anchor can be used to self-launch your kite with nothing around but sand or rocks. GREAT FOR FLYING BIG KITES AT THE BEACH and the best Sand Anchor you'll find because you don't have to drill as with a stake and it folds up into nearly the size of your hand.

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    The PKS sand weight bag will stop your kite from blowing away on a windy day, reduce wear on your kite sail by stopping fluttering when the kite is parked, and it can also be used for self-launching. Also works great weights for pop up tent legs outside.

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